The Enthusiasm Project

My New Favorite YouTube Channel [S4E14]

April 19, 2021 The Enthusiasm Project Season 4 Episode 14
The Enthusiasm Project
My New Favorite YouTube Channel [S4E14]
Show Notes

Over the past few months I’ve gone from being a casual fan to admittedly obsessed with Joel Haver’s YouTube channel. Not only is his work incredible, but the way he has been uniquely equipped to handle some of the fastest YouTube growth I’ve ever seen is fascinating.

Even though our content is very different, I feel like I can see a lot of my own ideals and philosophies in Joel’s channel and it’s super refreshing to see someone find success while staying true to themselves and their artistic core.

One of my favorite live action sketches

One of my favorite animations

Joel’s Animation Tutorial

Joel's Filmmaking Philosophy

My Terrifying 1st Attempt at His Animation Technique

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