The Enthusiasm Project

My Camera Conundrum "Cameranundrum" [S4E17]

May 10, 2021 The Enthusiasm Project Season 4 Episode 17
The Enthusiasm Project
My Camera Conundrum "Cameranundrum" [S4E17]
Show Notes

After months and months, I’ve finally decided on a new camera. The goal is to incorporate something that will add new functionality to my workflow while also playing nice with everything that’s already in place. I wanted to take some time (and it ended up being a LOT of time) to run through my decision not only to offer hopefully helpful insight, but to also shine a light on what goes into a major purchase like this. 

It’s very easy to see social media posts from people who seem to be casually spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on stuff that may or may not be necessary, and I wanted to pull back the curtain a bit, especially since this is one of the biggest purchases I’ve made in my life and the biggest financial investment I’ve made since becoming self-employed. 

Also, I just like talking about cameras . 

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